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Midsummer Celebration - Amusing, Lively and Warm

Midsummer Celebration - Amusing, Lively and Warm

Midsummer Celebration - Amusing, Lively and Warm

Summer means gathering and having fun! We are happy to announce that we have successfully held an event with the Consulate of General Sweden Hong Kong in early June in 2022 to celebrate the Mid Summer Festival in PMQ!! 


Most of our exclusive brands, Lohilo drinks, AXA Muesli, and Our Friends Truffle products were featured and were very popular. In addition to Pinewood Store, there are other brands from the Nordic region like Electrolux, Reuteri, to promote Swedish lifestyle. The event also included interesting dance performances to add a touch of Sweden. There were over ten thousand visitors and the Swedish Midsummer was attended by a large and joyful crowd of people, which celebrated the importance of Midsummer in Sweden.


It is a celebration full of Nordic colors complete with everyone wearing Swedish national costumes, constant live singing, dancing of traditional dances, friends from all around the world who were invited to dance together to celebrate the summer food feast! All of us get to enjoy the local Swedish festivals as though we were traveling to Sweden!!





大家穿起瑞典傳統民族服飾,現場更有不同歌手與大家一起勁歌熱舞,玩遊戲,迎接夏季的美食盛宴,慶祝傳統而隆重的瑞典仲夏節慶典,盡顯北歐慶典色彩! 一起來回顧當天的熱鬧氣氛吧,彷如去了一趟瑞典旅行,體驗當地節日慶典!!