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Leading Online Store for Excellent Food & Beverages

About Pinewood Group Limited

Pinewood Group Limited is a vibrant and innovative company that always aspires to influence every aspect of life. The Pinewood Journey embarked in 2013 when Pinewood Wine was first established, providing the best valued wines to the market through online platforms. Today, Pinewood Wine has become “The Best Online Wine Wholesaler” with 24 exclusive brands, over 1,000 SKUs and hundreds of strategic partners accumulated. In 2020, Pinewood Store established and will continue to surprise the market with excellent food, beverages and later necessities. 

Pinewood Group Limited 是一家充滿活力和創新精神的公司,一直渴望影響生活的各個方面。始於 2013年Pinewood Wine成立時,通過網上平台為市場提供最有價值的葡萄酒。如今,Pinewood Wine已成為“最佳網止酒類批發商”,擁有24個獨家代理品牌、1000多款酒類產品、數百家合作夥伴。 2020年,Pinewood Store成立,並繼續搜羅不同國家的優質食品、飲料和生活用品為市場和客人帶來驚喜。

About Pinewood Store Limited

Established in 2020 under Pinewood Group, Pinewood Store Limited was set up to expand the Group’s wine business and diversify its portfolio outside its core wine offerings. With a proven track record in building foreign brands and extensive experience in digital marketing, Pinewood Store’s vision is to become the leading food and beverage distributor in Hong Kong and Macau. We are committed to source and deliver foods of highest safety and quality standards, and with best tasting. Our local knowledge, the constant expansion of the product portfolio, a highly effective and extensive distribution network have contributed to our success today. We value long-term partnership and collaboration, and specialise in creating and maximising value to create win-win partnerships with our suppliers and customers.

Pinewood Store Limited 於 2020 年在 Pinewood Group 旗下成立,在擴大集團的酒類業務同時,並發展酒類以外更多元化的產品組合。 憑藉在建立外國品牌方面的良好記錄和豐富的營銷數字,Pinewood Store的願景是成為香港和澳門領先的食品和飲料分銷商。 我們致力於採購和提供最安全和高品質以及最佳口味的食品。 我們對本地的認知、產品組合的不斷擴展、有效率和廣泛的分銷網絡為我們今天的成功做出了貢獻。 我們重視長期的伙伴關係和協作,專注於創造和價值增值,與我們的供應商和客戶建立雙贏的合作夥伴關係。

Pinewood Store believes in a simple idea: 

→ "The Best for Your Everyday Life." 
To those who savor every bite, those who treat eating food as an adventure, and those who want fresh and pure ingredients, Pinewood Store has a message: it’s all here.

→“最適合您的日常生活。”對於那些細味每一口,把品嚐食物當作一種冒險的人,以及那些想要新鮮純淨食材的人,Pinewood Store想告訴大家:一切都在這裡。
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