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Try Swedish | Pinewood Store

Try Swedish- Brand and Marketing Concept for Swedish Food Export

About Try Swedish   
          Try Swedish is an international brand and marketing concept that aims to promote Swedish food and drink abroad and get food buyers and food lovers all over the world to discover the Swedish food culture and lifestyle. 
 The branding concept "Try Swedish" is a trademark owned by Business Sweden, an organization commissioned by the Swedish Government and the local industry to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden. 
 Pinewood Store is honored to be assigned by Business Sweden as the strategic partner and will join hands to promote “Try Swedish” in Hong Kong and Macau. Through this collaboration, Pinewood Store hopes to import more high quality Swedish food and beverages products to serve a familiar taste of home to Swedes in the region, as well as introducing Swedish flavors to Asian consumers.
Why Sweden?
          Sweden is continuously ranked as a one of the world’s most innovative countries and is ranked as a top country to do business with and is a leading country for the UN’s sustainable development goals. 
 Sweden as a food nation has worked several decades to establish and maintain a reliable reputation for our safe and exceedingly tasty food products. We have strict and high standards, not only regarding food production in general, but also for animal welfare and use of antibiotics. Furthermore, Swedish companies and authorities have ambitious environmental and climate related goals regarding food waste and energy use. 
 Pinewood Store believes in a simple idea: We provide the best for your everyday life. To those who savor every bite, those who treat eating food as an adventure, and those who want fresh and pure ingredients, Pinewood Store has a message: it’s all here. 
Try Swedish- 瑞典食品出口的品牌與市場營銷理念
關於 Try Swedish
           Try Swedish 是一個國際品牌和市場營銷理念,旨在國外推廣瑞典食品和飲料,讓世界各地的美食商家和美食愛好者發掘瑞典的飲食文化和生活方式。
品牌概念“Try Sweden”是瑞典商業公司擁有的商標,該組織受瑞典政府和當地行業委託,旨在幫助瑞典公司增加全球銷售額和不同國際公司在瑞典產品上的投資和擴張。
Pinewood Store 很榮幸被 Business Sweden 指定為商業合作夥伴,將攜手在香港和澳門推廣“Try Sweden”。 通過此次合作,Pinewood Store 希望進口更多高品質的瑞典食品和飲料,為港澳地區的瑞典人提供熟悉的家常味道,並將瑞典風味介紹給亞洲消費者。
瑞典作為一個食品國家,幾十年來一直致力於為我們的安全和極其美味的食品建立和保持可靠的聲譽。 不僅在食品生產,而且在動物福利和抗生素使用方面,我們有嚴格和高標準規定。 此外,瑞典公司和當局在保護環境和氣候方面均制定了控制食物浪費和能源使用方面目標。
Pinewood Store 相信一個簡單的想法:我們為您的日常生活提供最好的。 對於那些細細品味每一口的人,那些把美食當作一種挑戰的人,以及那些想要新鮮純淨食材的人,Pinewood Store 想帶出一個信息:一切盡在這裡。
Taste for yourself. Try Swedish! 
 Welcome to explore our full-flavored and innovative food and beverage products from Sweden!
Official Website: http://www.tryswedish.com/