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Pasta Toscana - Premium Classic Pasta-Linguine #9-Case (500G X 24)

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Pasta Toscana - Premium Classic Pasta-Linguine #9-Case (500G X 24)

頂級杜蘭小麥意粉-扁意粉 #9-原箱 (500G X 24)


Genuine, Typical, Healthy: this is Pasta Toscana.

  • Won the 1st Place of the Italian Food Awards(Paris) 2018
  • Over 160 years history and passed 5th generation of craftsmanship
  • Selection of the world’s best wheat: 100% first quality durum semolina from Tuscany
  • Unique fragrance and superior texture: traditional bronze dies and using by slowly drying method
  • No additives, preservatives and dyes
  • Certified at each stage of production carried out under the HACCP system and guaranteed by international quality certifications BRC, IFS, Organic, Halal, Kosher, ISO, CE, USDA-NOP and 3A-PTA.
  • Suggested Cooking Time: 7-9 Minutes


Italy's Best Quality and Traditional Pasta: Pasta Toscana - Classic

Pasta Toscana and Fabianelli pasta company took shape in 1860 in the beautiful Valdichiana in Tuscany region, the heart of Italy. 
The path to Pasta Toscana excellence begins with careful selection of different varieties of the best Italian durum wheat from a qualified supply chain of Tuscan farmers and grinded into semolina in Tuscany to guarantee Pasta Toscana the maximum standard in quality and expertly processed in our factory in Castiglion Fiorentino. Bronze drawn and dried at gentle temperatures to maintain a unique fragrance and a rough and porous texture. This process culminates with bronze drawing at low temperatures so that the nutritional properties of the wheat remain intact and give our pasta the right perfume, texture, taste and roughness a real joy for the palate.

Traceability of the products is guaranteed from the field to the table. By scanning the QR code on the back of the pack with smartphone you can find out where durum wheat has been cultivated to know the real Italian origin of the wheat used to produced Pasta Toscana: a pasta made in Tuscany!

Our plants are certified at each stage of production carried out under the HACCP system and guaranteed by international quality certifications BRC, IFS, Organic, Halal, Kosher, ISO, CE, USDA-NOP and 3A-PTA.

100% eco-friendly packaging. Reduction of the environmental impact of the packaging at Fabianelli Pasta Factory is one of our priorities. Therefore Pasta Toscana, always 100% made in Tuscany, has also been 100% environmentally friendly since the beginning: our packaging is recyclable as paper.

Pastificio Fabianelli S.p.A.

Born in 1860 by the hand of illustrious Pasta Makers, the same passion that has been handed down for 5 generations engaged in keeping the authentic taste of the most appreciated Italian dish. In the era of the Enterprise of the Thousand and of Abraham Lincoln, it could not fail to convey innovation in the art of making pasta, keeping the flavors and aromas of tradition unchanged, perfecting, up to our days, techniques and production processes. Exploiting a productive potential of over 30,000 tons/year and has been exported to over 70 countries, Fabianelli products stand by the quality guarantee for the superfine flour free from any impurities, for the strong and resistant gluten that prevents the pasta from overcooking, for the accurate processing for its fragrance deriving from the quality of the wheat and for its specific and recognizable colour.

Pasta Toscana Classic - 100% Tuscan Durum Wheat Linguine #9
Pasta entirely produced in Tuscany with highest quality durum wheat coming from Italy region and expertly worked in a factory in Castiglion Fiorentino. Innovative production technology and bronze drawing make a premium quality pasta with a rough surface that holds the sauce perfectly.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water

Country of Origin: Italy
Net weight: 500g
Storage: Keep in cool, dry place
**May contain traces of egg and soybeans


- 榮獲 2018 年意大利食品獎冠軍
- 擁有超過 160 年生產意粉歷史和傳承五代人手工製麵經驗
- 精選世界上頂級杜蘭小麥:100% 使用來自意大利中部托斯卡納杜蘭粗粒小麥粉
- 以傳統青銅鑄模擠壓,加上低溫慢烘技術製作出獨特麥香味和彈牙口感
- 無人工香料、色素、防腐劑
- 擁有國際質量認證: 包括BRC、IFS、有機食品、適合清真、猶太潔食、ISO、CE、USDA-NOP 和 3A-PTA 保證。
- 建議烹煮時間: 7-9分鐘

意大利最優質的傳統麵食:Pasta Toscana - 意大利高級杜蘭小麥意粉系列
Pasta Toscana 和 Fabianelli 意大利粉公司於 1860 年在意大利中心托斯卡納Tuscany地區美麗的瓦爾迪基亞納Valdichiana成立。
Pasta Toscana 的卓越之路始於從托斯卡納農民的合格供應鏈中精心挑選不同品種的優質意大利杜蘭粗粒小麥粉,並在托斯卡納研磨成粗麵粉,以保證 Pasta Toscana 達到最高質量標準,並在位於佛羅倫薩的工廠進行專業加工。以傳統青銅拉製,麵條在中低溫度下拉伸和乾燥,以保持獨特的香味和粗糙多孔的質地,保持完整小麥的香味及營養,賦與意大利面無論在麥味、質地、味道和彈牙度都達到最高級別,帶來真正的味覺享受。

保證產品從現場到餐桌的可追溯性產品來源。只要掃描包裝背面的二維碼,您可以了解硬質小麥的種植地點,從而了解用於生產 Pasta Toscana 杜蘭粗粒小麥粉的真正意大利產地:托斯卡納製作的意大利麵!

我們的工廠每個生產階段都取得HACCP 認可,擁有國際質量認證: 包括BRC、IFS、有機食品、適合清真、猶太潔食、ISO、CE、USDA-NOP 和 3A-PTA 保證。

100% 環保物料包裝。Fabianelli Pasta Factory 一直重視包裝對環境的影響,因此Pasta Toscana一開始於托斯卡納製造,已採用 100% 環保物料:我們的所有包裝物料均100%可循環再造。

Pastificio Fabianelli S.p.A.
誕生於 1860 年,Fabianelli家族傳承了五代人的熱情及專注,堅持出產不同形狀,高級優質的意大利傳統麵食至世界各地。每年生產量超過 30,000 噸,並已出口到 70 多個國家,在現代化企業競爭下,Fabianelli仍保留傳統的風味和生產工藝,配合創新意大利面製作技術,堅持不使用農藥及化學肥料,成為意大利首屈一指的頂級麵條大師。

Pasta Toscana經典系列 - 100% 高級杜蘭小麥 扁意粉#9