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Fascinate Swedish Winter Festival

Fascinate Swedish Winter Festival

Fascinate Swedish Winter Festival

We are honored to join ‘Swedish Winter Hong Kong 2021’ event with the Swedish government to promote Swedish culture! It was a fantastic and amazing day! Here is a recap of the joyous day!

It was held at Tai Kwun on 26 - 27 November with over twenty thousand visitors. We had a wonderful day with many performances, including juggling, as well as Creative Studio, Swedish Christmas market, and St. Lucia Procession. It is our pleasure to celebrate together with other brands like EQT, Volvo and The Organic Store to promote Swedish lifestyle. Last but not least, loads of our exclusive items like AXA, Lohilo functional drinks and Our Friend's truffles, which were wildly popular! 


大館齊集各式各樣的文化活動!於11月的尾聲,我們很高興與瑞典政府在大館一起參加 ‘Swedish Winter Hong Kong 2021’ 來推廣瑞典傳統文化!

場內有不同遊戲,表演,以及瑞典產品的介紹,當中更有EQT,Volvo 和 The Organic Store 一同慶祝,非常熱鬧!當中我們的獨家品牌AXA, Lohilo 和 Our Friend's 備受矚目,是健身人士和美容愛好者的好選擇!