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Delightful Swedish Nation Day

Delightful Swedish Nation Day

Delightful Swedish Nation Day

Happy Swedish National Day 2021 to everyone!!! It was a great success with the Consulate of General Sweden Hong Kong x Business Sweden at PMQ.

Here's a recap of the joyful day! Over ten thousand visitors, with lots of Nordic brands like Electrolux and Reuteri, our exclusive products such as the AXA Muesli, with 4 hit flavors, were very popular among the festival! There were a majority of people wearing Nordic customs, interesting dance performances, Nordic cuisine, and everyone enjoyed the show! 


早前於中環PMQ齊集來自世界各地的朋友,用各種北歐風情的文藝表演等方式慶祝瑞典國慶日! 一起來回顧當天的慶典吧!

當天充滿歡樂氣氛,齊集多款北歐品牌如 Electrolux 和 Reuteri,而我們的獨家產品 AXA 燕麥早餐產品更大受歡迎,當中的雜莓味和金裝經典麥片特別受女士們的喜愛!既可以打卡,又是健康又美味的選擇!