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About AXA

For over 100 years, AXA has delivered naturally good power from oats. Our products are made with care and our recipes are developed with focus on taste, nutrition and quality. The AXA brand originates in Sweden and is a leader in several breakfast product categories in the Nordic region. Our focus is on the production of natural and tasteful products with Nordic Flavours.

This AXA muesli is based on oat, which is rich in wholegrain and fibre. All ingredients are carefully chosen to give a balanced taste and texture. Our goal is both simple and big. AXA allows you to be your best self. 


100 多年來,AXA 一直從燕麥中提供天然的良好能量。 我們的產品是精心製作,我們在開發食譜時注重口味、營養和質量。 AXA 品牌起源於瑞典,是北歐地區多個早餐產品類別的領導者。 我們的重點是生產具有北歐風味的天然美味產品。

XA 麥片以燕麥為基礎,富含全麥和纖維。 所有成分都經過精心挑選,以提供均衡的口味和口感。 我們的目標簡單、遠大。 AXA 讓您成為更好的自己。

AXA powers your fighting spirit with oat based breakfast products,

empowering you to be the best version of yourself.  

AXA 燕麥早餐產品提供你每天能量需要, 


A century-old Swedish market leader in the oat-based breakfast category well received by the nation

A bite of Nordic essence nourished from nature with a touch of refinement to empower your health

Low sugar, low calories, low GI, but relatively rich in nutrients, perfect breakfast option

Directly from eco-friendly farmlands under green agricultural cooperative Lantmannen, owned by 25,000 Swedish farmers, oat is baked in the oven to golden perfect offer a hearty crunchiness



來自綠色農業合作社 Lantmannen 下的生態友好農田,由 25,000 名瑞典農民營運,燕麥在烤箱中烘烤至金黃色,提供豐盛的鬆脆感

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