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Copy of Lohilo - BCAA Drink-White Peach (No Sugar) (Keto Friendly) 330ml x 24

$320.00 $399.00

BCAA能量飲品-白桃 (無糖) (生酮適用) 330ml x24

*0 糖 0 脂肪 0 碳水
*BCAA (支鏈胺基酸) : 高含量亮氨酸,纈氨酸和異亮氨酸,三大人體必需氨基酸,減少肌肉流失,促進肌肉生長,加速運動恢復,提高表現!
*維生素 D:使骨骼強壯,增強身體免疫力和活力
*維生素 B6:幫助開發大腦,增強身體免疫力和活力
*維生素 B12:在神經、肌肉和心臟功能中起著關鍵作用,增強身體免疫力和活力

Sparkling sugar free BCAA drink for Fitness Lover. Each can contains 3200mg BCAA, 180mg Caffeine, vitamin D, B6, B12, Zinc to boost your muscle growth and enhancing performance during workouts. Enjoy it well chilled!
•BCAA: Boosting ya muscle growth and enhancing performance during them hard workouts yo
•Caffeine: Boosting energy & focus to improve ya results
•Vitamin D: Keeps those bones strong like bull
•Vitamin B6: Helping to develop the brain so you can take over the world mwaaaaaaaahahahahah
•Vitamin B1: Plays a key role in, nerve, muscle and heart function, so B1 baby its mucho important
•Biotin: Wanna be like Goldie locks? Then make sure to get some Biotin in your belly, also helps with nail growth and nerve development
•Zinc: Helps for proper growth and maintenance of your Bod Baby boo
*Keto Friendly

Lohilo stands for "LOw - Sugar - HIgh Protein - LOw Fat"
Sweden No. 1 Functional Drinks, a listed Sweden brand and found over 40 years: Become the Ultimate Version of You!

Country of Origin: Sweden
Stored: Dry, not over room temperature
Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, kids or other caffeine sensitive homies